Vidmate APK

Complete Guide to Find, Get, Install, and Use Vidmate APK

Do you know the most annoying thing you face when you stream an online video? It is a buffering problem. With the latest internet technology and connection, you may rarely find this kind of problem. However, there is always a moment when it happens. And, if it happens at the best or climax part of the video, guaranteed, you will lose the pleasure of enjoying that video. So, how can we solve this problem? Vidmate APK is the answer. You can use the vidmate apk and install it on your device. Once you do that, you don’t need to face this kind of problem anymore.

What is Vidmate?

What is vidmate apk? It is an APK file for the Vidmate app. With this APK, you can install this app on your Android device. More importantly, you need to know what this app can do for you, or, what kind of solution for the annoying buffering problem that is offered to you.

Vidmate is designed to help you to download the video file from the online streaming website. The common term for this process is a video grabbing process. The app will search the source of the embedded video on that website. Then, from that source, this app will extract the video file. Once the extract process is finished, you will have the video file saved in your device.

Now, you have the video file. You just need to play it with this app or other video player app that you have in your device. You don’t need to use the internet connection to play the video. That means you don’t need to worry about the internet connection problem. And, it solves the buffering problem perfectly. You can watch the video of your choice with the maximum pleasure, no disturbance.

Where Can I Download Vidmate APK?

Now, you know how good this app is. It provides the best solution for your streaming problem. The thing you need to do next is finding how to get the vidmate apk and install it on your device. Normally, all apps for Android devices are available on Google PlayStore. Open the PlayStore, use the keyword, or the app’s name, and you will find it. You just need to click the “Install” button, to install it to your device.

Unfortunately, you won’t find Vidmate on Google PlayStore. You can only get the Vidmate app’s APK file from third-party sources. So, why can’t we find it on Google PlayStore? Before we answer that question, you must know what the Vidmate can do.

Vidmate App Features

Vidmate app offers three main features you can use. Here they are:

  • Online Video Download 

This is the main feature of the Vidmate app. You can use this app to search and stream video from the online streaming video website. And, in this app, you also can find the option to download those videos. The download option only is available for a certain website. So, you can’t download all the videos you can find on the internet.

But, most of the website that is compatible with this feature is the top online video provider. For example, Vidmate provides a download feature for YouTube, Vimeo, Dailymotion, or social media websites, such as Facebook. And, with this wide availability for downloading from top providers like this, you will have a great time to collect the video that you like.

Moreover, if you only want to download the audio file from the video that you like, you also can use this feature. This is useful for you who want to add more collections to your MP3 player device. By extracting the audio-only, you also don’t need to spend too much space. As you already know, the size for the MP3 file is much smaller than the video file, especially the HD video. It means you also don’t need to spend more data on the only-audio file.

  • Video Resolution 

Another important feature of the Vidmate app is the video resolution quality you can download. When you download vidmate apk for android and install it, you can use its download feature to get HD video. Yes, it may be difficult to do with other apps. But, Vidmate can do that easily.

When you find the video you want to download, and this app has successfully detected its source, you can choose the resolution that you want. It provides several video resolution options, from 360p (the lowest) to the true HD resolution, which is 1080p.

This feature gives you so many benefits. Now, can you imagine how much internet data you need to use if you watch the online video streaming at 1080p resolution? It will be so huge. If you want to re-watch that video, you use another huge amount of data. By downloading that video, you only spend your internet data once. Then, you can enjoy the 1080p video as long as you want, without consuming the data.

  • Faster Download Speed

You can find a similar video downloader on the internet. However, compared to Vidmate, they can’t reach the download speed that this app has. Thanks to the unique technology used in this app, your download speed increases significantly. The download speed can easily reach 200% of the normal download speed you get from other apps.

As you can see, Vidmate also works as a download manager with this feature. You can pause and resume the download process easily. This feature helps you to get the download to continue without disturbed by an internet connection. You also don’t need to worry about losing your download process. Once again, this feature also helps you save more internet data.

  • Watch Live TV

If you get the vidmate apk file, you will also get a great app to watch TV online. As you can see, the amazing thing about this app is not only its download feature. This online TV feature gives you more options for entertainment you can enjoy. Isn’t it a perfect choice for today, when you can’t get out of your house because of the pandemic? This app changes your device into a magnificent entertainment tool.

The best of all, it doesn’t only provide a feature to watch Live TV. Vidmate also offers more than 200 TV channels you can access. You can get anything from it. If you want to watch a movie, comedy show, music, fashion, news or sports, they are all available in this app. And guess what!? You can watch them all in the HD format.

If that’s not enough, Vidmate also uses similar technology that boosts its download speed. The TV channels will load much faster. This technology also helps you to enjoy it optimally, even though you have a slow internet connection. But, the main reason why vidmate apk is a file you must get for watching online TV, is only one. You can use this app to watch those TV channels for free.

  • Video Player

Vidmate also works as a video player. After you finish the download process, you also can play the file directly from this app. This feature helps you a lot when you don’t have enough space in your device to install a new video player app. Using one app, the Vidmate, you get everything that you need.

Why Can’t I Find the Vidmate App on Google PlayStore?

Our explanation above is surely enough to tell you how good this app is. It has so many useful features that help you a lot. It also offers satisfying performance, with its advanced video download and playback technology, plus the Live TV feature. Those features could make this app into one of the best video apps in PlayStore. So, how can we can’t find it in Google PlayStore?

The reason why Google kicked it out of its PlayStore is its video download feature. When Google acquired YouTube around a decade ago, they also applied one of the main policies of YouTube to its service. It is the limited permission for downloading the YouTube content.

The user still can download the YouTube video. However, it’s only for those who purchase the premium service of YouTube, aka the paid YouTube service. As we all know, YouTube is practically free service. You can watch thousands of videos in it without paying any penny. You might need to deal with ads, but that’s all.

With vidmate apk in your hand, you have an app that can bypass this limitation. Vidmate will give you access, or freedom to be precise, to download all YouTube videos. The best of all, you don’t need to pay to do that. You don’t have to be a premium user of YouTube. It is all free. It can be done just using this simple app.

This feature is breaking the YouTube policy about the content it is shared. Therefore, Google also won’t accept it in its PlayStore. But, as we mentioned above, you can still use the vidmate apk download to install the app. So, you don’t need to worry. Even though it is not available in Google PlayStore, you can get it through other methods.

There was also an allegation of the user rights infringement a couple of years ago against how Vidmate works on its user’s device. It said that this app has played the invisible ads, so the user will click/tap it without knowing about the ads. Moreover, its system is also said to consume more battery of the device where it is installed. The worst of all, the user is also unconsciously forced to apply for the paid subscription.

The Vidmate representative, according to BuzzFeed News, denied all those allegations and rumors. However, they still started an investigation to check whether the claim that was issued by Upstream, was true or not. There is no further information after that. But, by looking at how many people are still comfortable to download vidmate apk and use this app, it seems that it is not a problem.

How to Download Vidmate APK File

Now, let’s move to the most important question. How can I download vidmate apk? First of all, you need to find a place that provides the APK file. There are many of them on the internet. However, you can’t just choose any APK provider to get the APK file for Vidmate. Find the most trusted APK provider. You can easily find out the provider’s reputation by using the review.

The top and trusted app review website is a good resource you can use to find the best APK provider. Other than the review of this app, most of them also provide the link where you can find and get its APK file. So, you get two great things here. You get the information about this app and the way to get the Vidmate app.

Once you find the trusted APK provider for Vidmate APK, here is what you need to do to download the file.

  1. Choose the vidmate apkversion that matches your device OS. The best APK is the latest one. It has all the updates that you need on Vidmate. Every good APK provides detailed information about this matter. So, you can easily download and choose the APK file that you want.
  2. Once you find it, click the “Download” button. Depending on the device you use, you will have a different next step you must follow.
  3. If you use a mobile device, the APK file mostly will be saved/downloaded to your main Download folder in your device’s internal storage.
  4. If you use a PC desktop to download the Vidmate APK, you can choose the folder where you want to save it. Create a folder in the easy-to-find place, such as Desktop. This way you can easily use it for the next step, which is installing this app on your mobile device.

For PC desktop users, make sure you copy the downloaded APK file from your computer to the mobile device. Save it on the folder you can easily find. This is important, as it will help you a lot when you install this app.

Vidmate Pro APK

Before we move to the installation process, there is one important thing that you need to know. It is about the Pro version of vidmate apk. As you might already know, most of the apps for a mobile device are available for free. However, you also can purchase the paid version or the Pro version, to get more features and better performance. It is also the same for the Vidmate app.

The Vidmate app is also available in the Pro version. This paid version will give you one benefit. You don’t need to deal with the popup ads while you use this app. This ads-free addition will give you a better experience and more pleasure in watching the video.

How can we get this Pro version? Of course, the first method is purchasing it from Vidmate developer. You can find the purchasing option in this app. Use it and get the ads-free Vidmate. Or, you also can use the other method, which is much better, because it is free.

To get the Vidmate Pro for free, you need to download the MOD APK for the Vidmate app. This is the APK file for this app that has been modified. The modification has one purpose, which is removing the ads in it. The effect is identical to the Pro version that you bought. However, you also need to be aware that many MOD APK files have a high risk of malware. Make sure you choose the MOD version of the vidmate apk from the trusted source. That’s the only way to keep your device from problems.

How to Install Vidmate APK

First of all, you can’t install the Vidmate app using the normal method like the app from Google PlayStore. You just need to tap the “Install” button on the app page in PlayStore. Then, the Android OS in your device will automatically install the app of your choice to your device.

However, you get the Vidmate app as the APK file. So, you can only install it by accessing and extracting the content of that APK file. Once you do that, the app will be installed on your device. Here are the steps to install the Vidmate app using the APK file.

  1. Locate the APK file that you have downloaded. Or, if you download it on PC, copy/transfer the APK file to your mobile device, and place it in the folder you can easily find.
  2. Once you find the APK file, tap to open it to start the installation.
  3. Wait until the installation is finished. Once it is done, the Vidmate app is ready to use.

Because this is an APK file from other sources than Google PlayStore, it will be recognized as the file from an unknown source. Therefore, there are the extra steps you need to do to install the Vidmate app using the APK file. There are two things you need to do here, depending on the Android OS version that you use.

For the old Android, you can’t install it directly using the step no.2 above. Here is what you need to do to start the installation for this Android version.

  1. Open the “Settings” menu on your Android device,
  2. Find the “Security” menu. In this menu, turn on the switch for the “Unknown Sources” option. This will allow the app installation that you get from a third-party, in this case, is the APK file you downloaded.
  3. Once you turn on the “Unknown Sources” option, you can install the APK file as we explained above.
  4. Open the folder where you save the vidmate apk.
  5. Tap the APK file to open it.
  6. The installation process will start, and you just need to wait until it’s finished.
  7. After the installation is completed, you have Vidmate installed on your device.

Those are the steps you need to follow to install the Vidmate APK on your device with an old Android OS. As for the latest Android, you can do it much easier. Here is how you do it.

  1. Locate the Vidmate APK file that you want to open,
  2. Tap to open the file to start the installation process,
  3. Your Android system will prompt you to change the security setting for the third-party app installation,
  4. Check or turn on the switch for the “Unknown Sources” option,
  5. Tap the “Install” button on the window that will pop up after you activate the “Unknown Sources” option,
  6. Wait until the installation is finished.

That’s everything that you need to know about how to install Vidmate APK on your mobile device. It is easy, right? As long as you follow the steps we mentioned above, you won’t have any problem installing this amazing app.

One more important thing that you need to know, you also must have enough space to install this app. But, we think that won’t be any problem. The Vidmate app is quite small and lightweight. The vidmate apk file for this app is only 8MB+ big. That won’t give you any problem with the internal space.

Now, you already installed the Vidmate app. The next thing you need to do is using this app. For this one, we have a detailed explanation about how to use the Vidmate app for many purposes. So, let’s get started!

How to Use Vidmate APK for Streaming Video

The first thing we are going to do is streaming video using the Vidmate app. It is easy to do. Here are the steps you need to follow if you want to watch videos on this app.

  1. Open Vidmate app by tap the Vidmate icon on your mobile device screen,
  2. On the home screen, you can find several tabs on the top part of the screen, right under the search bar. The default opened tab would be “Home” or “Featured” tab, which give you a link to the popular video streaming website, like YouTube or Dailymotion. So, choose the website that you want. For example, you choose YouTube.
  3. When you choose YouTube, Vidmate will open it like a YouTube app. Use the search bar to find the video you want to watch by typing the keyword.
  4. Once you find the video, just tap it. The Vidmate app will play it, and you can watch the video easily.

The video you watch through Vidmate won’t be as good or convenient as when you watch it through the official app of that website. In this case, we watch YouTube videos. Vidmate can indeed play the streaming video. However, it is more like a browser than a YouTube app. There are limitations. But, you must understand that this is not the specialty of this app. This app is the master of downloading those videos. We will talk about it later. Next, let’s see how to stream music on Vidmate.

How to Use Vidmate for Streaming Music

You also can listen to your favorite music by using Vidmate. Once you get the vidmate apk and install the app, launch it by tapping the icon. Once it is opened, you can follow the guide below:

  1. On the home screen, tap the “Music” tabs to activate it. Or, you also can use the search bar on top of the screen and type the songs you want to listen to. It will search the internet for that song.
  2. Once this app found it, you just need to tap the music on its search result.
  3. Now, you can enjoy your favorite song easily.

Its capability as the browser gives you more freedom to use it for many purposes. Music is one of them. You just open the online platform that provides the online music streaming service. That’s the secret of using this app for streaming music.

How to Use Vidmate for Watching Live TV

Watching Live TV from more than 200 channels is one of the amazing features you can find on Vidmate. So, how can we use this feature? It is easy. Let us show you how to do it.

  1. Launch the Vidmate app,
  2. On the home screen, swipe the screen to the left. It will change the tab on the top.
  3. Find the “TV Shows” tab, and tap it to open.
  4. You will open the TV Shows page where you can find many TV series and dramas you can watch for free.
  5. Tap any series that you want to watch. Make sure your internet connection is good, to maximize the fun.

With 200 channels, you will have more options than you ever imagined before. So, get ready and enjoy your time with this app.

How to Use Vidmate to Download Video

Okay, this is the best part of this vidmate apk article. We will let you know how to download videos on many different online video streaming platforms with the Vidmate app. It is simple. Its method is similar to most of those streaming websites. For this guide, we will use YouTube as an example. Are you ready? Here we go.

  1. Launch the Vidmate app. Just tap the icon, and it will open.
  2. On the home screen, you can see many featured/recommended videos. Mostly, these are popular or viral videos these days. If the video that you want is one of those recommended videos, just tap it and move to step 7. Otherwise, follow our guide to the next step.
  3. If you can’t find your video on the featured page, use the search bar on the top area of the home screen. Type the name of the video or keyword that you want to search on YouTube.
  4. Hit the magnifying glass icon to start the searching process.
  5. Once the searching process is finished, it will display the result.
  6. Scroll down, if you can’t find the video that you want on the first page. Once you find the video, tap it to open it.
  7. The Vidmate app will open that video and play it. As we mentioned before, this app works like a browser. So, you will get the interface like when you open YouTube on your browser.
  8. To download the video, tap the “Arrow Down” icon on the bottom right corner of the screen. This will analyze the video. It may take some time, especially if you want to download the long duration videos.
  9. Once the analyzing process is finished, the Vidmate app will prompt you the several options of resolutions as well as audio/music-only download on the floating window.
  10. Check the bullet option on the left side of the resolution option that you want. Or, if you want to download the audio-only file, choose the related option.
  11. Then, tap the “Download” button on the bottom right corner of this window.
  12. The downloading process will start. Wait until it is finished.

Once the download process is completed, you can access and watch that video for free, without using internet data. Now, you can solve your buffering problem with this vidmate apk.

How to Access Downloaded Video and Music 

To watch the downloaded video, there are two methods you can use. The first method is using Vidmate as a video player. As we mentioned before, this app also has this feature. Here is the method to play video using Vidmate.

  1. Launch Vidmate from your device screen,
  2. On the home screen, click the download icon on the right of the gift icon on the search bar. This will open the download page.
  3. On the download page, there are several tabs on the top area. Tap the “Downloaded” tab. This will give you access to the file that you already downloaded using Vidmate.
  4. Find the video or music on the downloaded page.
  5. Once you find the video or music, tap to open it.
  6. Vidmate will automatically play that file. Then, you just need to enjoy it.

The next method is using the video player app that you may have already installed in your device. Here is how you do that.

  1. Launch the video player app that you have. The app will detect the video files in your device.
  2. Find the video file that you just downloaded using Vidmate.
  3. Tap to play it.

You also can use the “Video” folder that you can find on your Android device. This is much easier than using the video player app.

  1. Open this folder,
  2. On the next page, click the arrow up and down on the top area.
  3. Choose how you will sort the files. To find the video easier, choose the “By Date” option. It will shorten all video based on the date it was modified or copied in your device. The top video is the most recent video, which is the video you just downloaded using the Vidmate app.
  4. Tap the most recent video. Your Android OS will automatically play it with the video player app that you have. Or, if you don’t use the video player app, the system will use the built-in video player.
  5. Last but not least, enjoy the video.

The funny thing is people often see the downloading and installing vidmate apk as a complicated process here. But, many of them also have a problem finding the video they just downloaded using Vidmate. By the way, you also can choose the folder where you want to save the video.

  1. Launch the Vidmate app,
  2. On the home screen, tap the person icon on the bottom right corner of the screen. This is your account icon. Depending on the Vidmate version and update, it has different text on it. The latest one has “Me” text to explain this icon.
  3. Once you tap the person icon, you will open your account page.
  4. Find the “Settings” option and tap to open it.
  5. Find the “Download Path” option, and tap to open it. Now, you can choose where you want to save the downloaded video or music. Choose any folder that you want.

By choosing the download path, you also can easily find the video or music file that you just downloaded. This will save you more time when you want to play and enjoy the video or music once you finish the download process.

Vidmate for PC APK

Even though the latest mobile device has a huge storage space compared to the previous model, it still can’t beat the PC storage space. Even the latest PC with a low spec has at least 500 GB hard drive. Some premium class mobile devices may also have this much storage. But, if you increase the PC spec a bit, we can easily see the PC win by a landslide in the match of storage size.

So, wouldn’t it be an amazing thing, if we can find Vidmate for PC APK? With this app installed in your PC that has a bigger storage space, you can download anything without worry. Plus, the hardware performance is much better than a mobile device. It is much faster and powerful. And, if you want, you can even tweak the internet connection, which will increase its speed even more.

Unfortunately, you need to forget those beautiful imaginations. Vidmate is not available for PC. So, even though you spend the rest of your life looking for the vidmate apk for PC, you won’t find it. The developer of this app also didn’t make it or plan to release the PC version. However, we still have a trick to integrate this amazing video downloader app with your PC.

The best way to use Vidmate on your PC is by using the Android emulator. You can find many types of Android emulators out there. However, we recommend you to use Bluestacks or NoxPlayer. These two are the best Android emulators for PC. They are fast and quite lightweight for your PC.

More importantly, Bluestacks and NoxPlayer also have features to access the APK files. So, you just need to download the vidmate apk and save it on your PC. So, how can we use this emulator to install and use Vidmate on PC? Follow the guide below to find more about it.

  1. Download the Android emulator APK file and install it,
  2. Once it is done, launch the Android emulator,
  3. Both emulators have a similar menu, including the APK access menu. So, find this menu and activate it. Use the APK access menu to find the vidmate apk file that you have on your PC.
  4. Click the Vidmate APK file to start the installation. Of course, you need to do it on the emulator. Otherwise, you can’t open and install Vidmate.
  5. Once the installation process is completed, you will find the Vidmate icon on the emulator home page. Click it to launch the Vidmate app.

Now, you have a superb device to pair with an amazing video downloader app, the Vidmate app. Use it to your heart content. One more important thing, you can get the vidmate apk app as well as the emulator app for free.


Vidmate is one of the best apps ever created for an Android device. It offers so many useful features. But, more importantly, it gives you more freedom to enjoy online entertainment. You won’t be limited by the policy and rules that forbid you to get the video to enjoy offline. This app will solve that with its amazing video downloading features.

Maybe, there is only one thing that you need to pay more attention to when you try to get this app. Make sure you get the vidmate apk from the trusted source. These days, many fake APK providers modify the real Vidmate APK and add some malicious code in it. They did this to earn profit from the user who knows nothing about it and just download and install this modified APK. So, be careful, and you can get the best video tool on your device.

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