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Tubemate Apk, the Best Application for Saving Videos from Youtube

Tubemate Apk? YouTube has indeed become an entertainment platform that is currently very much loved by the world community. From youtube, they can find a variety of videos that they want and need, such as entertainment videos to fill in spare time, videos about tutorials on certain ways, videos about tips and tricks, and other interesting videos.

Unfortunately, network constraints and the limited amount of quota to access them are often obstacles for some people. This is because to access the video in it must be accompanied by an internet connection. This also creates sme difficulties because they cannot access the videos they have tagged offline or must be willing to have their quota consumed again to playback the videos that they want to observe repeatedly later.

To solve the problem, an application that could answer the anxiety and needs of entertainment connoisseurs on YouTube, emerged namely the presence of Tubemate APK. This application can later help its users to save various videos on YouTube on the device so that they can be watched repeatedly without having to give up quota and can also be accessed offline at any time.

YouTube itself already provides features for watching videos offline for its users. It’s just that this still feature cannot be enjoyed by every user. This offline video will have a time limit for when it is saved. If the video has passed the storage time limit, then the video will automatically be deleted from the video list that can be accessed offline.

In contrast to using Tubemate. We can download it in full and also store it in the gallery of our device. We are free to play the video many times following our wishes without having to worry about such as timeouts, unstable signal interference, or even suddenly our data packets run out faster because the displayed resolution is very large.

Besides, from the videos that you download, you can later use or use it for various other things. For example, you can use the video to be edited into your work, or change the video format to another format, such as to mp3 because you prefer to listen to the song instead of watching the video of the song.

Tubemate APK download

This application you can get easily from the internet. If you use a PC or laptop device, you can download the application directly on the official website. Just enter the word Tubemate in the search field on Google, then the site you can choose to download the application will appear in a matter of seconds.

Just select the Download option, then your browser will automatically download the application. Wait until it’s over. After that, open the application program, and follow all the instructions in it.

It should be noted, for websites that resemble official websites themselves do not yet use encryption security. So, if you have installed your website in the form of an add-on that can automatically block the site, then you need to adjust the settings so that you can be allowed to open the website. This is because your add-on tries to keep your PC or laptop safe while surfing the internet when visiting suspicious sites.

Therefore, if you have blocked access to the page, check the address first. Then try to find another address. This is indeed often the case because website owners themselves try to trap or lure visitors to come to their websites.

This they do by disguising the website as the original so as not to be suspected by other visitors. Although it will not provide that, but often this can also cause unrest for other visitors because it is often twisted on certain website pages. While the website owner will get the benefit of his website will experience a very high traffic spike due to his previous visit.

Tubemate Pro APK

Tubemate Pro is a paid version of the Tubemate application itself. We can access it using Tubemate with a free version. However, in this free version of Tubemate, you will often see advertisements at the bottom. Not only that but often you will also be inserted in the form of a fish that fills the screen in a few seconds.

For those of you who have no problems with this interruption, then you are suitable to use the free version of Tubemate. However, if you feel uncomfortable and uncomfortable about the appearance of these advertisements, then the Tubemate Pro version is the best choice you can choose.

There is a trip where you can use Tubemate Pro, but you don’t need to pay extra. The trick is to download the Tubemate Pro version separately on the internet. Usually, several sites provide their APK specifically from this Pro version Tubemate. Just install it like the free version, then you can use it later.

Unfortunately, there are consequences when you use this method. When there is an application version update, you usually need to look for a newer version. Thus, you will do a reinstall again earlier. Different if you buy or subscribe officially, of course, you can update directly on the Pro version of the Tubemate application.

Also, don’t believe in buying the Pro version which is just like Tubemate. There are so many applications that resemble Tubemate either in the Google Play Store or the App Store, even worse, the version must be requested to be purchased rather than having to make an in-app purchase.

Because we do not know whether the quality is the same as Tubemate, so if we get an application that can not be used later this indicates that we have experienced fraud. The solution is to find out the name of the developer of Tubemate itself.

Besides, try searching for information about the Tubemate application on the internet that discusses its existence both on the Google Play Store or on the App Store. The more you know the information, the easier it will be for you to detect and recognize whether the application you are looking for is following Tubemate or not.

Tubemate APK free download

Although the Tubemate application has a Pro version, most service providers such as mirror servers will provide Tubemate more for free. This is because Tubemate is an application that is included in the freeware version. Because of that, you can find a free version of Tubemate on its official website, mirror site, or on other sites that include a download link to download the Tubemate application.

The feature of free itself is where you will be asked or shown some ads in it. Because of this ad, the developer can get income from free applications that you can enjoy. For the Pro or paid version, you will not be asked to pay too much. Of course, this is a form of you in appreciating the developer of the homemade application.

Vice versa, the developer will also appreciate you by eliminating all advertisements in the application because it pays to use the application. In the concept of this Pro version, developers and users are indeed asked to be mutually beneficial to one another.

Even so, using the free and paid versions there is nothing wrong at all. Both are equally good stages to appreciate the developer for continuing to develop and animate the application. It’s just that both ways are done in different ways and in different contexts.

How to install Tubemate APK

Installing Tubemate is very easy, just do a few steps. Whether it’s to be installed on a PC or laptop, Android, or on iOS. Although both do the installation, of course, the installation methods will be a little different. This is due to different operating system factors.

For example, the installation of Tubemate on a PC or laptop will be different on Android and iOS because it uses the Windows operating system. The steps are as follows.

For PCs or laptops that use Windows

  1. Download Tubemate first from the internet. You are free to choose, both the free version and the Pro version.
  2. Then, run the application.
  3. Follow all the methods shown, such as the terms that must be agreed upon, and arrange to place them in the sections where they are to come. If you don’t want to be confused, then just follow the settings that have been set by default.
  4. When finished, open the application.
  5. To use it, please enter keywords from the video you want to see in the search field. If you want to download it, then you can choose the green download button on the bottom. There will also be a choice of video resolutions that you will download. Choose according to your needs and tastes.

For Android

Unfortunately, in the Google Play Store, there is no Tubemate application available. Some applications are only in the form of the same name, but will not be used because it seems like a fad from the developer. Therefore, if you want to use it on Android, then it’s a good idea to download Tubemate APK on the internet first. After that, here are the ways.

  1. After you download the version of Tubemate, then transfer the APK to your Android. This applies if you download the APK from your PC or laptop before. However, if you directly download it from the browser on Android, then you can directly access and find it in the Downloads folder.
  2. After that run the APK. If there is a warning just ignore it because usually, the warning is only a confirmation to install the APK program that is obtained outside of the Google Play Store. This is of course because the system is set to warn users to be careful to install an APK from outside the Google Play Store so that it is not exposed to dangerous viruses or malware later.
  3. Wait until the installation process carried out by the system is complete.
  4. If it’s finished, congratulations! You can use it as soon as possible.
  5. Open the application to use it. Then enter a keyword or video title in the top search bar. After you find the video you want then select the video to watch or download to watch later. To download it, you can choose the Download option at the bottom which is green. After selecting it, then you will be confronted to choose the resolution of the video that you will download. Choose according to your needs and tastes.

For iOS

Especially for iOS, Tubemate will not be found on the App Store, in any area of ​​the region. This is because it is indeed from Apple itself which does not include Tubemate in the list of application collections on the App Store.

Even so, you don’t need to worry because you can still install it on your iOS, it’s just that the method will be a little different from the others. There are 2 ways you can do it, which is to first jailbreak your iOS or download it via the offline web without having to jailbreak on iOS.

If you take steps to jailbreak iOS, you can install it easily via Cydia later. However, you also need to first install the Cydia. Cydia itself is software that contains a collection of device packages that can be used on jailbroken iOS. The jailbreak itself is the same term as root on Android.

After downloading Cydia, all you have to do is enter the name in the search field. However, unfortunately, the name is not Tubemate, but SnapTube. Then look for the name later.

But, if you don’t want to do a jailbreak for fear that your warranty period will expire or you don’t want things to happen, then you can take advantage of the way we are offline. The following are the methods.

  1. Visit
  2. There, you will be given directions on how to download Tubemate on iOS the easy way via the offline web.
  3. Download Tubemate as usual
  4. The offline web itself is software that contains various third-party application packages that are often not accepted by Apple or applications that have been modified by third-party developers other than the main developer of the application. This application itself was developed by a developer who is from Russia.

Where to download Tubemate APK

You can download Tubemate APK on the internet freely and for free. Not only on the official website, but you can also use other third parties or websites as a mirror link provider.

You just have to download the APK version, then run the program. Besides, usually before being downloaded, there will be information and collections about the version of the APK. That way, you will be even freer in determining which version is suitable for your device later.

If the latest version is incompatible or there are still bugs that need to be corrected later, then you can use the older version before that so you can return to using it without worrying, interruption, while waiting for the latest version to be released with a more stable feature and APK later.

Several sites provide mirror links for you to download this Tubemate APK, they are as follows.


Cnet is a website that provides various alternative mirror links for users to download the application they want to download other than the official website of the application in question. This is often chosen by most people because the mirror link itself is considered to have a faster and more stable connection than the official website.

Not only providing links but also here there is various info about writing news or blogs about the latest technology. In addition to looking for various applications that you want to download, you can also use them by knowing the latest information about what technology is currently warm.


Just like Cnet, Uptodown also provides various mirror links from various popular applications both now and in the past, as well as blog posts about technology that we can read later for free as well. This website provides applications that can be used for versions of Windows, Android, and Mac.

Android Freeware

As the name suggests, this website is devoted as a place of various free version applications that can be used for Android. In addition to providing various mirror links, here you can also find other new applications that you don’t even find on the Google Play Store. Not only that but even here you can also find Covid-19 applications developed by several developers. Here also the developers can and are free to enter the applications they make.


There is also another website in the form of APKMirror. This website also provides a variety of APK that can be used on Android later. On this website, you are also assisted with a display of a list of applications that are popularly accessed by most people within 30 days. This will greatly help you in determining or finding what applications are popular for you to try to be more contemporary later.

Tubemate APK for iPhone

Unfortunately, the APK from Tubemate for iPhone doesn’t exist at all. This is because the system of the iPhone itself is not the same as on Android. After all, it uses the iOS operating system. This system is known as a closed operating system so it cannot be arbitrary to change or make modifications easily, like Android.

To be able to download applications outside the App Store, you usually need to jailbreak first. Later, after that, you can use other third-party application stores to download applications that are not on the App Store. Also, with a jailbreak, you can customize your iPhone satisfactorily, like Android later.

However, still, sometimes some applications require additional equipment. Usually, the application asks to be installed using iTunes so that the installation process on the iPhone can run properly and smoothly later.

Without all that, it seems impossible to do any installation on the iPhone, including this Tubemate. If you don’t like that, then the best choice is to replace your smartphone with one that uses the Android operating system. This is because Android is easier to be customized according to your desires and tastes later.

Tubemate apk for Android

Unlike the iPhone, you will be easier and more flexible in finding the APK on the internet. As mentioned before, this is because the Android operating system itself is more open-source, so entering the program from outside will not be so difficult. Surely this is what makes Android very famous as the best customization operating system than iOS.

Therefore, you can find it on the internet by searching directly using a browser on Android or by downloading the app on a PC or laptop, then transferring it to Android using a data cable, Bluetooth, or sharing data.

Not only that but also other applications, such as installing add-ons on the browser on Android are also more possible than on the iPhone. This is because there are no strict enforcement restrictions like on the iPhone. Every browser on the iPhone itself must be forced to use a basic engine like Safari. This of course makes if using any browser on the iPhone, we are using Safari. The difference is only the UI appearance and the features in it that can make us familiar or not later.

Conclusion, is it okay to use Tubemate?

If you prefer to get entertainment through YouTube and don’t like to spend your data plan quota and want to be watched anytime, then this Tubemate APK is perfect for you to use. Although there are other similar applications, Tubemate is believed to have better quality than other similar applications. After that, you will be more diligent to spend time looking for a collection of entertainment videos for you to enjoy both when it is weekend time or when traveling time in public transportation as your entertainer during the trip later.

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