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Guide to Use Showbox APK to Watch Free Movie and TV Show

What you usually do when you want to relax and have fun? Do you watch a movie? Or, are you enjoying a TV show? That’s a normal thing to do for relaxation these days. Movie and TV show has become an important part of modern people. The platforms where we get them are available in many forms. The Cable TVS, paid channel or TV station you can watch for free are one of them. However, many people also like to watch it online.

The online streaming service for movies and TV shows is popular these days. You can access it anytime and anywhere you want it. This service gives you more freedom to get the relaxation time by watching a movie during any activity that you do. It also gives you a different experience you won’t find by simply watching TV or go to a movie theatre. Therefore, many people choose this activity as their hobby.

If you have this hobby, we believe you already know about Showbox. Just by downloading showbox apk and install it on your mobile device, you can watch all movies and TV shows that you like. The best of all, you can do that for free. However, have you experienced some problems accessing this app now? For example, it works very slowly and its website has been shutdown. Why these problems occur?

What is Showbox APK?

Before we explain to you why this app is facing some problems, you need to know what showbox apk is. As its name implied, Showbox APK is the file you need to install the Showbox app. The file contains the data that will be installed on your device. Once you install the app, you can use it to watch the free movie as much as you want. The APK works like other apps. You download it, install it from your device, and you can use the app.

Then, what is Showbox? If you already used it since years ago, you might already know what this app can do. However, if this is your first time hearing about Showbox, you don’t need to worry. We have a detailed explanation here for you.

Showbox is, basically, a movie and TV show streaming services. It uses the P2P (peer-to-peer) and non-P2P sources to provide the movies and TV shows. You can watch and stream these movies anytime you want. The best of all, this is a free service. However, you might need to deal with ads. The developer and the management of this service use ad as the income. On the other hand, they also provide the premium version with premium service and another income to operate this service.

Users also can download all movies and TV shows in Showbox. By downloading the movies, users can watch it offline. You can save your internet data using this downloading feature.

Thanks to its innovative service, the huge database of movies and shows, as well as a good interface, Showbox become one of the most popular movies streaming services. People use it as a tool to watch the movie. Maybe, some of them see it as an alternative version of the premium movie provider, such as Netflix or Amazon Prime. However, we have to admit, that more people like to use it because of its free content.

But, because of one and another thing, as we mentioned earlier, this service faces some problems. Below, we have a detailed explanation of why it has happened.

What Happened to Showbox APK?

Is there a problem with the APK file for this service? This question has been asked a lot by Showbox users lately. It seems that the APK doesn’t work like it used to be. It is difficult to install. Even though you have already installed, you can still find many problems. The worst of all, you can’t even find the APK files on the internet. It is there, but it’s difficult to find.

First of all, no one knows exactly what happens with the showbox apk. However, when you install this app, it already warns you about the problem. It clearly stated that you will experience a lot of downtimes, server problems, and more. Mostly, the Showbox users accept it without any complaint. They know this is a free service. So, it’s normal, if these problems occur.

Moreover, the service also doesn’t use its private server. Instead, it searches the movie or TV show uploaded from the various online platform. These movies then are presented on the Showbox website or app. The user can easily access and watch it through their browser or apps. The service can’t guarantee whether the server of the platform that displays the video will work smoothly all the time. This is another source of problems.

Speaking about the server, the Showbox’s server for facilitating the users also faces problems frequently. The server can’t handle the number of users that use its service at the same time. For your information, Showbox service has more than 30 million users. With its free service and depending on the ads as the income, we suspect that they can’t afford a proper server for its service. So, maybe, they use the cheaper server that doesn’t work like the more expensive server.

Showbox’s legality also allegedly causes some problems for its service. Many people and companies see Showbox’s service as piracy. It is against copyright law. Sometimes ago, several people try to file a lawsuit against this service. Thanks to this act, Showbox has to temporarily stop its service. People keep wondering whether their service will be revived. But, with today’s stricter copyright law, mostly, it is difficult to continue its service.

So, why is it illegal? Mostly, the movie you can find in Showbox comes from the torrent source. And, we all know, torrent, even though it is not all, are the area where you can share files freely. It is including piracy content, like movies and TV shows. With this free share resource, it is not surprising, if this service is banned on several platforms.

You can’t control the content that Showbox extracts from the torrent source. For that reason, there are many chances that most of the movies in this app are illegal. These movies come from the ripped version from the other users. The truth is most of the movies on Showbox doesn’t come from the legal source.

In the beginning, Showbox didn’t use the P2P source to provide its online movie streaming service. However, it seems that the developer of this app and service wants to get more. Therefore, they expand its service by using the mentioned source to attract more users. Unfortunately, this decision gives this app more problems than benefits. It is now seen as a piracy source for movies and TV shows.

That’s not all. The showbox apk also becomes much harder to find. Many websites that host the downloading service for this APK file has been reported. It is also including the website that promotes this service. With this condition, it is difficult for APK providers to provide links to Showbox APK files without being risked of infringing the copyright law.

With this limitation, users have more problems to install the app and use its service. Of course, it doesn’t stop us from finding, downloading, and installing Showbox. As long as the internet still exists, you can find the APK file for Showbox.

Even though we said about the legality problem, there is no trusted information about this matter. The Showbox developer did hint that they are familiar with the lawsuit and stuff. However, they never explicitly announce that the problem in Showbox service and its Apk is caused by the lawsuit from other parties.

At this point, we believe you have already an image of what Showbox is and the problem and its situation. So, here is our question. Are you interested? Do you want to try this free online stream service for any movies that you want to watch? Below, we will explain to you the method for downloading the Showbox APK files. And, keep reading, you will also find our guide to find the APK files as well as how to install it on several devices.

How to Download Showbox APK

As we mentioned above, even though it is difficult, you can still find and download the APK files. The easiest method to download it is by using the search engine. Fortunately, Google doesn’t include Showbox as the forbidden or blacklisted keyword. With Google search, you can easily find many websites that provide the APK files download service. Choose the website that you think you can trust. And download the files from that website.

When you download the APK file for installing Showbox, you need to remember one thing. It is the folder or place where you keep the file. If you use a PC or laptop to download the file, you can easily save the file in the folder that you like. You can even make a specific folder to keep the APK files.

If you use your mobile device to download showbox apk, ensure you choose the default folder to save the file. Generally, your mobile system will save it in the “Download” folder. Once you download it, now you are ready to install this app.

When you visit the website that provides the showbox apk file, you need to know one important thing. On the website, you will find two versions of Showbox APK. They are the mobile device version and PC version. Therefore, you need to choose the correct version where you want to install this app.

The showbox apk file is also compatible with non-root and rooted devices. It is very helpful. It means you can use the APK files on almost all kinds of the mobile device. As for the PC version, make sure you choose the APK file version that matches your Operating System (OS).

So, how can we download it? Most of the websites that provide the APK files have a similar method to download. Here are simple steps you can use as a reference. Use it as a guide to download this app for the first time.

  1. Open the website where you will download the APK file,
  2. Choose the type of file you want to download,
  3. Click the “Download” button,
  4. You will prompt to choose the folder where you want to save the file. Choose the folder that you can easily access,
  5. Wait until the download process is finished. The file size is not that big. So, it will take a few seconds to a minute to finish.
  6. Once it is finished, you are ready to install it.

Where to Download Showbox APK

There are many websites where you can get the showbox apk. As we mentioned before, just use the search engine to find one. Guaranteed, you can find a full list of the APK providers where you can download APK for installing Showbox. Or, you can always visit the APK provider that you like and use a lot. Mostly, you will find the APK for this app there.

Previously, you can still get the Showbox app from PlayStore and AppStore. However, because of the legality problem, now, Google and Apple have been removed and banned this app from their store. You can still find a Showbox application in that store. But they are not the real Showbox that you need.

Most of the “Showbox” app you can find on the PlayStore or AppStore are fake. They only provide a movie and TV show reference services. You can use them to review and rate those movies without being able to stream it online.

Many users are still tricked by this fake Showbox app. They keep downloading it from the Store and install it. Then, they found that they can only see the movie picture without finding the play button that you can find on the real Showbox app. At least, with this information, you won’t get tricked like them.

Last but not least, make sure you read the review of the APK providers for Showbox APK files. This is the most important thing you have to do to avoid many problems. The review, especially the user’s review, helps you to find out what kind of service you can get from that provider. More importantly, you also can use the review to find out the safety of using the service to download the APK.

Many users got virus or malware thanks to their negligence of researching the Showbox APK files beforehand. As this app is considered the illegal app, thanks to its content, you won’t find it in an official place such as PlayStore and AppStore. Especially AppStore, where they are very strict on the safety of its users, the free APK provider won’t do that. There is always a risk. But, with proper preparation and prevention, you can avoid the problems.

How to Install Showbox APK

  • Installing Showbox APK on Android

Now, you already have the APK files in your mobile devices or PC. What you need to do next is installing this app. Here is the guide to install the showbox apk from your Android device.

Locate the file in your mobile device folder,

  1. Once you find the APK file, tap it. An option window wills popup. Choose the “Install” option.
  2. Depending on the mobile OS, you will get several options to start the process. As for Android, you will be prompted to the Setting menu where you can adjust the security option for “Unknown Sources”. So, allow it to install the app from an unknown source by clicking the checkbox or swipe button beside the “Unknown Source” option. The installation will start automatically.
  3. Wait until it is finished. Once it’s done, you can tap the Showbox icon on your screen to start the app.
  • Installing Showbox APK on iOS

How about the installation for iOS or Apple device? Here is the guide.

  1. Download the app from the website of your choice. When you choose the APK files for iOS, you will get the option to allow it to access your iPhone setting. So, choose the “Allow” option to start the download.
  2. Once you finished the downloading process, you will get an option to install the APK. So, choose the “Install” option.
  3. Wait until the installation process is finished. Then, you can use the app.
  • Installing Showbox APK on PC

As for PC, what should we do to install the Showbox? You have two main options to install and use the Showbox app on your PC.

1. Using Showbox Add-On/Extension

The first option is using the browser add-on. Depending on the browser you use, you can find it by using the extension/add-on search feature on it. Just type “Showbox” and you will find the extension. Then, just click the “Install” button to add this extension to your browser. Now, you have the Showbox for PC.

2. Using PC Version Showbox APK

The other option is using the APK. Once you get the PC version for the showbox apk, you can install it similar to the mobile device. Click the APK file and you will get options to choose to install it. Follow the process until it’s finished. And, voila, you have Showbox in your PC ready to use.

3. Using Emulator

Another method to get Showbox in your PC is using an emulator. In this case, you can use the Android emulator. Android emulator is much more stable. You also can find many types of emulators that work great on several types of PC OS. So, choose the Android emulator that you like.

Once you get the Android emulator and install it on your PC, you are ready to install the Showbox app. Here is how you do it.

  • Open the emulator and locate a folder/location where you save the Showbox APK file you’ve downloaded.
  • Run the APK file.
  • The emulator will ask you whether you want to install the app. choose the “Install” option.
  • Wait until it’s finished.
  • When the installation process is finished, you will find the Showbox icon on the Android emulator homepage.

Whenever you want to use the Showbox app, you just need to open the Android emulator. Then, click the Showbox icon from the emulator window. Now, you can enjoy the free movie as much as you want from your PC.

The best thing you can get from installing a showbox apk on your PC is the screen. Depending on your screen/monitor setting, you can even use the big screen and even TV to display the movie. This will give you extra excitement when enjoying the movie.

One last important thing to remember, before you install any APK on your device, makes sure you activate your security software/system first. You don’t know what kind of malware or virus that you get from the APK provider. Besides choosing the right provider, with the antivirus and security software, you will get the real Showbox APK that is safe to install.


That’s all everything you need to know about showbox apk. As you can see, the Showbox service now is experiencing some problems. If you are old users, we believe you already familiar with this matter. However, you can still use the application and service with the method and guide we explained above. It might be a little bit complicated for beginners. But, once you follow it, you won’t have any problem to get the APK, install it, and use this amazing app.

There is a chance that the Showbox service will be shut down because of its piracy content. But, you must understand that the internet is vast. It’s like a new world inside this Earth. Moreover, you can’t control how the internet grows. We believe, if someday Showbox meets its end, there will be a new similar service or app with a different name that you can use. So, do not worry. Have fun and use Showbox to enjoy your favorite movies.

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