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what Things You Can Do with Aptoide APK Dwonload

Most people download and buy applications from Google Play Store or Apple Store. Nowadays, they can also use an app store known as aptoide apk to buy applications. So, how can you get this app store? Is it safe to use? Let’s discuss this app store below before using it.

About Aptoide TV APK

Aptoide TV APK is an independent or third-party app store. This application marketplace was released on November 17, 2009. It was developed by Paulo Trezentos. He introduced this platform at the 2009 Caixa Magica Summer Camp as a proposal. Then, Aptoide launched at the end of 2010 in the Bazaar Android site. Just like Google Play Store and Apple Store, Aptoide TV provides various applications to download. You can use this product for large screen devices such as Android TV. At the same time, you can also use this independent app store on your mobile devices. Indeed, you will not find the app store software on Google Play Store, Apple Store, Amazon Appstore, and other app stores. One of the reasons is because it is against the 4.5 Non-compete clause of Google Play Developer Distribution Agreement. You can only download the software by visiting the official website, tv.aptoide.com. Mobile devices also classify this platform as an unknown source, so you need to allow the device to download it first. Another significant difference between Aptoide TV and the two most popular app stores is that Aptoide TV offers free applications to download. This program even offers some premium apps on Google Play Store and Apple Store for free. Based on the official website, this app store offers over 2.500 applications. Some of them are the most popular applications. Besides developing Aptoide for Smartphones, Tablets, and Smart TVs the developer also develops Aptoide VR and Aptoide Kids. Until today, this platform has been used by over 200 million users and downloaded about 6 billion times. People are not only downloading this platform because it offers free applications but also because it serves 40 different languages. Users who can’t understand English well can change the language into the language that they master. Due to its services, Aptoide TV becomes one of the biggest third-party app stores in 2020. The number of apps increases drastically from 2.500 to 750.000 apps, including YouTube, Fire TV web browser, Kodi, and many others.

Aptoide APK Download          

The first thing you should understand is that you can’t find this platform anywhere such as Google Play Store, Apple Store, and Amazon Appstore. Aptoide TV is an independent app store. The most possible way to get and download Aptoide APK is by visiting its official website. Now, you will learn about how to download Aptoide TV and use it smoothly. There are 3 most common ways to download and install Aptoide TV.

Download Aptoide TV via A Web Browser

It is considered as the easiest way to get Aptoide TV. You only have to visit the official website and click on Download Aptoide TV. Wait for some minutes until the downloading process completes. Then, go to your file manager and launch the platform. That’s it! You can try to download one of your favorite apps to make sure that this platform works well.

Download Aptoide TV via USB

Downloading Aptoide TV via USB is the second easy way to get this platform. You need to do two steps before using this platform on your device. The first step is downloading the app store platform via computer. You have to go to the official website first. Then, click the Download Aptoide TV and wait until the process completes. Instead of launching the platform on your computer, you have to copy the file to a USB flash drive. The second step is installing the platform on your TV devices. Prepare the USB flash drive with an Aptoide tv file on it. Then, insert the USB flash drive to your television devices. Launch the installer from your file manager on your device. Now, you can use and enjoy the platform to download various applications just like what you want. You can do this method if you are downloading the platform from your friend’s computer or laptop. You can bring the Aptoide TV file on the USB and launch it on your devices later.

Downloading Aptoide TV via Wi-Fi 

It may be a complicated method, but you should try if it is impossible to do the previous two methods. You must prepare three important things before downloading the platform via Wi-Fi which are an Android phone, Android TV, and ES File Explorer. You also have to make sure that the Android phone and Android TV are connected to the same network. Moreover, you also have to install ES File Explorer on both devices. Just make sure that you fill those requirements before downloading the independent platform.

Now, go to your Android TV first. Launch the ES File Explorer from the device. Find the Network category from the Homepage view. Then, select the Net Manager Tab. There will be a question of whether you are connected to a Wi-Fi or Lan network or not. Confirm that you are connected to a Wi-Fi or LAN network. When there is no problem with the connection you will see an approval “You have joined a network, SSID is your Wi-Fi Spot Name.”

Next, change your focus to your Android phone. Launch the ES File Explorer from the Android phone. Find the App icon at the Homepage tab and click on it. This action brings you to the list of the installed apps on your device. Choose the apps you want to transfer to your Android TV and press them for a few seconds. Find out the Overflow menu and press the Send button. Wait for a few minutes and let the ES File Manager search for devices connected to the same network. The program will display the list of the devices on the same network. Find out your Android TV on the list and press the Send icon.

Go back to your Android TV. Check whether there is a confirmation or not. If you see the confirmation press the OK button to continue to the next step. Select a folder as the place to store the file. When the transferring process is done, you can click and install the Aptoide TV. Soon, you can enjoy this platform and get as many apps as you want.

Where Does Aptoide Store APK

Some people may get confused about the way to find Aptoide APK. They may find it on Google Play Store, Apple Store, and Amazon Appstore. Unfortunately, they got nothing. As an independent or third-party app store, Aptoide TV is just like those popular app stores. As a result, you must find out the official website to download the platform. The official website is tv.aptoide.com. Just go there and download the platform.

Another common question is whether this platform is illegal or not. People are also worried about the safety of their devices while using this app store. The good news is that Aptoide TV is a legal platform. It is considered as an alternative app store to download your favorite apps just like when you use Google Play Store or App Store. Previously, the North American company prevented this free installation software. Google Play also banned this platform. Google Play Store said that Aptoide is a harmful app in 2018. The main reason is because of the platform may damage the fair competition between app stores. Because of this action, Aptoide TV lost about 15% to 20% of its users since June 2018.

People are also worried about the safety of the platform for their devices. Aptoide TV is safe to download. The thing you should consider is the apps. Some apps may bring viruses and they will harm your devices. That’s why you have to check the green shield there. Just make sure that the app has a green shield with a checkmark before downloading it. It is the sign that the app has been scanned for viruses and it is free from it. If the apps don’t have that sign, you have to be careful because they may contain viruses.

So, how can Aptoide TV achieve a lot of apps just like Google Play Store, Apple Store, and Amazon Appstore? What you need to understand is that Aptoide TV is a medium or a market place for developers to offer their apps. The developers can manage their store. Many developers decide to offer their premium apps for free on this platform. It is the same case when developers offer their apps to Google Play Store, Apple Store, or Amazon Appstore. Then, those app stores offer apps to users. Users can download the free or premium version. At this point, Aptoide TV also achieves the apps from the developers that join this app store platform and agree with the terms and policies. As a result, developers can attract new users, especially users who are using Android TV or other large-screen devices.

How To Install Aptoide APK for PC

In case you don’t have Android TV, you can still download and install Aptoide APK on your PC. In the process, you need a third-party platform. It may be a little bit complicated, but it is not a big problem as long as you can use this independent app store on your PC, right? The first thing you should do is downloading and installing a third-party application known as Bluestacks App Player on your PC or laptop Windows. Just follow the instructions carefully and correctly. After that, launch the Bluestacks and sign in first. You may use your Google Account to sign in to Bluestacks App Player. Now, download Aptoide APK’s latest version for PC or laptop. Wait until the process complete. Next, install Aptoide APK for PC. Find out the Aptoide APK file in the Windows file manager. Right-clicking on the Aptoide APK file. Select the Open the file with. You can choose the location of the file first. Choose the Bluestacks folder and then click on the HD-ApkHandler.exe file. Just wait for a few moments and you can use Aptoide TV on your PC or laptop.

The next thing you should try is downloading applications from Aptoide Store. You have to make sure that this platform works well, so you can use apps that you need. You only have to launch the Aptoide Store platform from your device. Then, you will go to the Aptoide’s front page along with the list of the most popular applications. You will also find some new applications that you may want to download later. You can choose the apps based on the Top, Categories, Updates, and Download Manager. Let say, you have decided the app you want to download and you can’t find it on the list. Just relax because it doesn’t mean that the app you are looking for is not available on the platform. You can find it by using the Search tool. Tap on the magnifying glass icon in the top-right corner of the page. Then, write down the name of the app you want to download. Click the magnifying glass account and you will see the list of the applications that are similar to the one you are looking for. Find out the app you want to download on the list and click on it. Wait for a few moments until the downloading process complete. Try to launch the app and make sure that you can use it well.

How about if the app offers a new version? Can you download the latest version of the app from Aptoide TV? The good news is that you can do it! As long as the developer offers the latest version on Aptoide TV, you can download it. The difference between Aptoide TV and other app stores is that you can’t automatically update the app. Aptoide will uninstall the older version first. There will be a question of whether you want to uninstall the app or not. Choose the Uninstall button to continue to the next process. When the uninstall process is done, you can start to download the latest version of the app on your device. The good thing is that the application data is safe and they are not deleted during the uninstall process. Wait until the downloading process of the latest version is complete and try to use the app. Just make sure that the latest version works well.

One of the great things about using Aptoide TV is that you can also find out first whether the apps launch their latest version or not. You only have to search for the application you want to download. Then, choose the Related option. Scroll down and find out the Multiversion heading. You will see the new version of the app if the developer releases the latest version of the app. If it is not, you will see nothing on this option. If you get the version you want, just download it and use the app.

You should know some tips before downloading apps on Aptoide TV. First, you have to make sure that the app has a green shield check. It is an important consideration because it means the app has free from viruses. Second, you also should check the publisher of the app. Just make sure that the publisher is correct. There is a case that the app is the same, but it is developed by two different publishers. Just be careful about this otherwise you will get a fake or not authentic app.

Sometimes, you want to uninstall particular apps because you no longer use it. Indeed, you can uninstall the applications by using Aptoide APK. The first thing to do is going to the Update page. This page shows all the apps installed on your device. Tap on the application you want to uninstall. This action leads you to the page of the app. Now, find out the three dots icon on the top-right corner of the application page and click on it. You will see three different options there which are the uninstall, search foir other markets, and send feedback. Since you want to uninstall the app, just choose the Uninstall option. You will see a confirmation statement whether you want to uninstall the app or not. Click on the OK button if you want to uninstall the app. You can also postpone the plan to uninstall the app by clicking the Cancel button.

In case you want to update the app instead of uninstalling it, you can also do it on Aptoide TV. You only have to go to the Update tab. You will see the list of the apps installed on your device. You can choose to update all of the apps or update some of them. Just click on the update all if you want to update all the applications. On the other hand, if you only want to update one of them, just click on the app you want to update. Aptoide can’t only help to update your apps but also show the update progress. Just go to the Download Manager tab. It is located next to the Updates tab. You will see the update progress of the app in this tab. The platform classifies the apps that are completely updated and apps that are still in progress. The time to update the app depends on the internet connection and the speed. The more you update the apps, the longer the time. You may try to update the apps that you recently used first.

You can also subscribe to particular stores to get their latest information. The thing you should understand is that this feature is only for those who are using Aptoide in the tablet version. First, you have to go to the main page of the platform. You will see the list of the tab such as top, stores, updates, social timeline, and others. Since you want to subscribe to a store, you have to choose the Stores tab. Scroll down and find the + Subscribe Store button and tab on it. There will be a pop-up box that appears. It asks you to insert the name of the store. You can directly write down the name of the store if you got it one and tab on the + Subscribe button. If you still want to find the stores you want to subscribe, just click on the See Top Stores button. You will see the list of the top stores on Aptoide weekly, monthly, and all time. All the stores have a + Subscribe Store on them. Click on it anytime you feel that you want to subscribe to the store. Then, you will have to write down the name of the store and click the + Subscribe button. The benefit of subscribing to the store is that you will receive notifications anytime the store has the latest updates or applications. As a result, you can visit the store and get the new app or the latest version of the app immediately.

So, the point is that you have an alternative to download Android apps besides using Google Play Store. You can also use a third-party app store known as Aptoide APK. The independent application store platform is legal and safe fro your device, so you don’t need to worry about it. You only have to be careful while downloading the apps from this platform. Some apps may bring viruses or malware that harm your devices. That’s why you should follow the tricks to download the apps from Aptoide safely. Moreover, you can also update the app, get the latest version, and many others. Just make sure that you change the setting of the device before downloading this platform. Let the device allow the system to download an unknown source. Then, follow the instructions to download Aptoide APK above. You can enjoy this platform immediately and get various apps you are looking for. Even, you can try some premium apps for free by using Aptoide APK. Indeed, it is a good option for those who can’t download or use Android apps via Google Play Store.


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