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Guide to Use and Make MOD APK File for Your Favorite App in Android

People often see APK as an illegal method to install an app on a device. That’s wrong. Even if you download and install an app from PlayStore, we can still consider it as downloading an APK file and installing it. The one that many people are afraid to use is the mod apk.

People often see MOD APK as an illegal file for their device. It is cheating if it is an APK for a game app. They also don’t want to use it, because mostly, the MOD APK is not available on the official platform, which is PlayStore.

Using MOD APK indeed has some risk. However, it doesn’t mean that this type of APK won’t give you many benefits. For that reason, we are going to give you a little peek on what MOD APK is. Hopefully, after you read this article, you know what you want to do, whether to use this file or not. Let’s start!

What is MOD APK? 

So, what is mod apk? Before we discuss MOD APK, you need to know what APK is. APK is similar to the installation file for software on your PC. Generally, you use the EXE, ZIP, or other installation file formats. Once you download or get this file, you just need to click it to open it. Then, it will automatically install the software to your PC.

APK stands for Android Package. It is the compressed version of several files that your device needs to install an app. The way it works is similar to the installation file you use on your PC. Tap to open it, then your Android system will automatically extract/install the app. Once it’s done, you have an app that is ready to use.

Now, let’s move to the MOD version of APK. The MOD word in front of the APK name comes from the English word, “modified”. As you can guess from this word, a MOD APK is a modified APK file. It means the original APK files for installing the app have been modified or changed.

Even though the APK file has been modified, it won’t change the app in it. Some modifications even add multiple new features to the app. Therefore, most of the apps you get from mod apk have better performance. Depending on the modification on the file, it also gives you more benefits and features than the standard APK. So, what kind of benefits can you get from MOD APK?

Speaking about benefits, it depends on the type of app and the modification done on the APK file. However, for the easy-to-understand example, we can take a look at the MOD APK for a game app.

  • Unlimited Resources

One of the common modifications for game APK is the number of resources you can have. It is including gold, diamonds, or other resources that you use in the game. By modifying the APK file, you can remove the limit of these resources. Then, you can collect more than other players.

Or, some of the MOD APK also changes the value of the initial resources you have. If you use the standard APK, you may start the game with the minimum resources that have been fixed by the game developer. By modifying the value, you can even start the game with the maximum allowed amount of resources. It gives you a better start to buy items, objects, characters, and more.

  • Save More Money

Thanks to the modification of unlimited resources, you don’t need to spend money to buy the resources. Mostly, the game app you can find today is designed with the P2W (Pay to Win) concept. It means you can win easily if you purchase the item. The mod apk bypasses this wall. You get the extra resource without buying them.

Many games or other apps offer limited access to its features. Or, the app developer places ads on the app. You need to purchase the paid version to remove the limit and ads. The MOD version helps you to deal with it. The modification will unlock the features and remove the ads. You get it without purchasing the paid version.

  • Better Compatibility

Games or apps were made for certain Android versions. However, the MOD APK can deal with it easily. By modifying the code in the app, you can even use the app on different Android versions. It is a good thing you can get because you don’t need to change your device to use the app. Once again, it also saves more money.

What is an APK MOD Risk?

We have talked about the great things you can get from mod apk. Now, it’s time to find out about the risk of using this file. First of all, you may have noticed that you can’t find the modified APK file on PlayStore. The reason is modifying the APK for the app is not allowed by Google policy.

Even though PlayStore is the home of the open-source app, changing it will differ from Google’s mission. It becomes unoriginal. Plus, Google also can’t provide the safety guarantee, once you tweak the app. This is where you will find the risk of using this file.

  • Safety Threat

You never know what kind of changes that the creator of MOD APK did. Some MOD APK files have code that allows the creator to take a peek at what happens in your device. They can steal your important information. It happens a lot on the modified version of the chatting app. Your chatting history can be easily leaked to the other party. Who knows what they are going to do with this information.

In the worst case, the MOD APK also enters code that allows the malware to enter your device. Once it happens, it will be difficult to solve. When you just realize that malware has attacked your device, it has already caused some damage. Your device may be unrecoverable.

Therefore, it is important to check whether the MOD APK that you will use is safe. The easiest way to get the safest APK is by using a trusted and reliable source. Mostly, the APK files from those websites won’t harm your device.

The other method is using the APK checking tool. You can find many of them on the internet. The most popular one is the VirusTotal tool. It is a website where you can upload and check the mod apk file before you install it. By doing all these precautions, you can, at least, avoid the harmful APK files.

  • Update Problem

When you change the code in the app, there is a possibility that it won’t match the latest update of that app. It will make you stick with the old version of that app. If the latest update also adds new features and bug repair, you also won’t get that.

Using the old version also has a risk to give your device more problems. For example, the app consumes more battery powers. Then, the modified app also can’t work optimally, even though you have enough device specifications.

  • Unable to Purchase

You get many benefits and save more money by using the MOD. However, sometimes, the MOD APK doesn’t provide specific features you can only get by purchasing it from the developer. Unfortunately, if you use the wrong MOD APK, there is also the possibility that you can’t make the purchase. It is similar to the update problem. The changed code construction in it unable to purchase the feature which updates the app.

  • Considered as Cheating and Risk of Getting Banned

Using the MOD APK file gives you so many advantages. Compared to those who use the normal way to install the app, you will feel more pleasure. However, many app developers, especially game app, will see this as cheating. If they find out you use the cheat, you will get banned. It means you will lose your progress. The worst of all, if you make an in-app purchase before, you also lose your money.

Furthermore, using a cheating method like this will reduce the fun of playing the game app. You don’t feel the challenge that normal players face. You won’t feel any accomplishment. In the simplest word, it kills the purpose of download, install, and play the game or use the app.

  • Lose Your Device Warranty

Many of the mod apk files require your device to be rooted. You can do it easily. However, once you root your device, it means it changes its originality. If the device experiences some problems that can even damage your files, you won’t be eligible to claim for its warranty. Even if the warranty is still active, the change will burn it before its expiration date.

  • Damage Your Device Operating System

The app you download from the official source, in this case, Google PlayStore is made to work well with the Android OS. When you make a change in its code structure, there is a chance that it won’t work with your device OS. And, when you force it to install it in your device, it can harm the system code in your device. The app will change the system code to make it work with its new modification.

When the change made by the app touches the main code on the OS core system, your device can get many problems. The simplest one would be the decrease in its performance. If you have bad luck, your device might be unable to operate. To restore its function, you may need to do a factory reset or maybe reinstalling the OS. It means you will delete all the data and files you keep inside your device.

Knowing all the risks you may get from using mod apk doesn’t mean you can’t use this file. As we mentioned above, you also can use safe MOD files from a trusted place. Mostly, the files from this good source have been tested. The provider ensures that the MOD won’t damage the device of its users.

The key here is finding the right and safest MOD APK. Once you find this file, you don’t need to worry about the problem. Even though it still has some risks, we see it as an acceptable risk for your device.

How to Mod APK?

Have you ever wondered if you can make MOD APK yourself? It may need some knowledge about programming and stuff. However, here we are going to explain how to do that much easier. This guide will help you, a beginner, to create your own and first mod apk file.

Modifying APK has four steps you need to follow. They are:

  • Download/acquiring the APK file,
  • Decompiling the file,
  • Editing the code,
  • Recompiling the file and testing it out.

Now, let’s move to the first step. You need to get the APK files that you want to modify. We already mentioned above the importance of getting the APK file from a trusted source. You can extract the APK file from Google PlayStore. However, it needs skill and knowledge about programming. Here, we take the easiest method to get the file. Therefore, download it from the APK provider.

Once you get the file, do not open it. That will install the app. Next, you need to decompile it to see the code in it. Once you get and find the code you can make a change. So, let’s move to the next step, the decompiling step.

  • Decompiling APK file

You can only do the decompiling process on your PC. Make sure you copy the APK file that you download from your Android device to your PC. Save it in the specific folder, so you can easily find it. Once you do that, you are ready. Here is what you need to do.

  1. Find, download, and install the APK Decompile/Compile Tool. You can find many of them on the internet. Just choose the tool that you like, easy to use, and has all features you need to decompile the file.
  2. Then, open the APK file using the decompile tool. Once you do that, the tool will change the APK file format/extension into the format you can open and edit using the programming tool.
  3. Once you decompile the APK file, now you are ready to move to the next step.
  • Editing the Code

The decompiled APK file is now ready to edit. You may need to know more about programming language here. Mostly, the APK file for the Android app uses JavaScript. So, if you can learn at least the basics of this programming language, you won’t have any problem reading the code and finding the place you want to change.

  • Open the decompiled APK file using your programming tool,
  • Find the code you want to change. Change the value that you want. In many structures for an app code, you also can find information/comments about how that value affects the specific part of the app. You can use it to make the changes.
  • Make sure the value won’t create errors to other values. You need your programming knowledge here. This is the reason why you should learn it before you try to create the mod apk.

The editing steps change the string of code values in the app. So, you have more freedom here to make the app work like what you want. If you want to make the game app have unlimited gold, invincible character, or infinite resources, you can do it in this step.

However, you also can find an image file when you decompile the APK file. The best of all, you also can edit this image. Just use your image editor software on your PC. Make sure the change you made on the image won’t exceed the initial size and resolution of the image. If you make it more than the previous size or resolution, chance is it will disturb the app performance. It can even make your app doesn’t work.

  • Recompiling the APK File and Test It Out

Once you are done with the modifying/editing step, it is the time to recompile the APK file. After this step, you will have a mod apk file that is ready to use. So, use the APK tool you use earlier. In the tool you use, you will find the recompile option. Use it to make the edited APK file into one file.

Before you copy the MOD APK to your device, you need to test it out first. Make sure it works perfectly. Find out if the change you made also shows its effect. The best way to do this is by using the Android emulator. NoxPlayer is one of the best Android emulators you can use. You also can use the APK file using this emulator.

Try the fresh-edited APK in the emulator. If it works without a problem, you can copy the MOD APK to your device. Then, install it on your device. And, voila, you get the first edited app you made with your hand.

How to Mod APK Files using APKTool for Android

If you are too lazy to turn on your PC and do all those complicated tasks, we have a great alternative for you. You can use APKTool for Android. This is an app that you can use to modify the APK file without transferring it to your PC. Everything can be done on your mobile device.

Before you use this app, make sure you have an image editor and text editor installed in your device. The APKTool for Android can’t edit the code inside an APK file. It can only decompile and recompile the file. Once you prepare everything, here is what you need to do.

  1. Launch the APKTool that you already installed,
  2. On its home screen, search the folder where you keep your APK file. Once you find it, tap it to open that APK file,
  3. This app will decompile the APK file. It will show you a list of the files/parts you can change in that APK file. To change the value, tap longer on the part/file you want to change. Your Android system will prompt the app you want to use to open that part/file. As for code strings, you can use a text editor. And, use the image editor for the image file.
  4. Now, make a change to the editor app that you choose. Once you make the change, save it through that editor app.
  5. Open the APKTool to recompile the files you have edited. Once it is finished, you have a mod apkfor your device.

APKTool for Android also has a special feature for you. You can use this special feature to install the modified APK file directly after you recompile it in this app. It will save your time and you don’t need to search the APK file in the folder inside your mobile device’s storage.

APKTool for Android works quite fast. The decompiling process only takes an average of 2 minutes. It is also the same as the recompiling process. Furthermore, its size is not that big that can burden your Android system. It is a pretty lightweight app, which makes it the best alternative method or tool for creating MOD APK.

How to Install MOD APK?

You already have the mod apk. It is also ready to install. It will be funny, if you don’t know how to install and use it, right? So, here is a simple guide to installing the modified app to your Android device.

  • Located the folder where you save the MOD APK file,
  • Tap it and you will be prompted with the installation option. Choose the “Yes” or “Install” option,
  • Then, you need to allow the installation from unknown sources. The latest Android will directly lead you to the Setting page where you can change this permission. So, allow the APK file to be installed in your device.
  • Wait until the installation is finished. Now, you have the modified app ready to use in your device.


That’s all that you need to know about mod apk. It may seem illegal to use this file. However, there is nothing that holds you back to have fun, try it, and experience the god mode in the Android game, right?


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