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Amazon App Store APK – Everything You Need to Know

Using an android device allows you to get more options when it comes to browsing and downloading apps, especially since you can use Amazon app store APK. Even though the Android OS has made Google Play Store as its default app store, it is always safe to find apps from somewhere else; the Amazon app store is one of them. Other than that, the Amazon app store is one of the most well-known app store names for android devices yet widely used by android users. In this article, we will share everything you need to know about this app store. Other than that, we’ve made a comparison between the Amazon app store and its rival. All you need to do is read this article thoroughly.

Amazon App Store Hearthstone APK

Before explaining the core of Amazon app store APK, the information about Hearthstone is quite important to share. If you play Hearthstone – whether from a PC or smartphone – you can purchase the packs with a sweet discounted price. This thing can be done if you purchase the packs from the Amazon app store.

Purchasing Hearthstone packs from the in-game store will cost you around USD 50 for 40 packs. However, the discount is offered for those who use their Amazon coins. If you use your Amazon coins, you will get 80 packs by paying USD 82. By that, you already save around 18 percent. If you are willing to spend more money, you can save around 20 percent; for USD 400 you will get 427 packs. Thus, we highly recommend using your Amazon coins to purchase the Hearthstone pack. You can also download the Amazon app store Hearthstone APK in case you don’t want to deal with the ads.

However, some notes need to be considered. You need to use your android phone to make this transaction. In case you have a decent internet connection and supportive computer, you can use an android emulator for PC though. When you have Amazon coins, you can purchase other items for other games as well. for instance, Arena entries and the expansions can be purchased by using Amazon coins.

Other than that, if you want this deal to work, you must install Hearthstone by using the Amazon app store. This will make your Amazon coins automatically become a payment option. What if you’ve installed Hearthstone from Google Play? Well, you need to uninstall the app and reinstall via the Amazon app store. If you are lucky and your purchase has met the requirements to earn a bonus coin refund, you will be notified.

Amazon App Store Download APK

As we have mentioned earlier that Google Play is commonly the default app store in most android phones. This app comes pre-installed so users may not need to download and install the Google Play Store.

On the other hand, Amazon app store APK is another option you can try to find apps and games you need. At some points, you will get some interesting discounts if you install a game or an app from the Amazon app store. Many android users use this app store as well. Is it worth installing? What does the Amazon app store offer to you?

Here we will make a list of things you need to know about this app store. Also, we want to make a short comparison between the Amazon app store and Google Play Store.

Amazon App Store APK Download for Android

What is the Amazon App Store?

Before the comparison is made, you need to know the definition and why this app is important. In 2011, Amazon decided to make a special place to distribute apps. This app works perfectly on android smartphones yet you won’t find it on the Google Play Store. If you purchase an Android device on the Verizon network, the Amazon app store is pre-installed on your phone. Meanwhile, if you want to install this app, you can always use Amazon app store APK.

Apps available on Amazon App Store

Before deciding which one is the best between Google and Amazon, you need to check the apps available on the Amazon App Store. Until today, Amazon offers 600,000 apps on its app store while Google Play has around 3 million apps offered. Of course, it is a clear win for Google Play.

Amazon app store, on the other hand, offers various apps that commonly are accessible on both app stores. The apps include VLC, Spotify, Netflix, Trello, LastPass, Evernote, Facebook, Facebook Messenger, and tons more. YouTube was once banned on the Amazon app store. Fortunately, since mid-2019 this app came back and continued to make all android users happy.

However, you need to have Google Play Store on your phone because your phone needs the service that underpins everything such as data syncing, privacy settings, user authentications, and location services. Thus, it is not possible to rely on the Amazon app store alone. Long story short, Google Play Store allows you to have everything in one place. On the other hand, if you subscribe to Amazon Prime then you will get a bunch of interesting content from Amazon.

Amazon App Store APK Download

Ease of installation

As has been mentioned earlier, Google Play comes as a default in most of the android devices. Even though the Amazon app store also comes pre-installed, you may only find it on the company’s hardware. In case you want to install the Amazon app store, you need to do a series of steps in the first place.

You need to download the Amazon Underground app to install the app store. For an easier run, you can simply look for Amazon app store APK on the search engine. Make sure you download the file from a trusted source. Once all steps are finished, you can simply launch the app. The steps might be a bit more complicated than using Google Play. Some people may find it too daunting to be done.

Things to consider

You can always download what you need from the Amazon app store. However, some points are worth your consideration. Many small developers cannot push updates to all app stores on the same date. Thus, some updates may appear early on one app store than another. We won’t deny that using Amazon only might require you to wait longer for security patches and bug fixes.

Using two app stores at the same time might be confusing you. When you have to change from one device to another, it will require a lot of work. Since your Android phone needs Play Store Service, you may need to keep it on your phone while letting go of the Google Play Store and switch to Amazon App Store.

As has been explained before, Amazon has a lot of interesting things to offer if you subscribe to Amazon Prime though. Other than that, you can save some money and get plenty of cool features by using the Amazon app store.

Amazon App Store Android APK

The Amazon app store has now been available in almost 200 countries around the world. Even Google recommends android users to consider alternative channels to get apps for android devices. It makes Amazon become one of the strongest players in the app store industries. Here there are several reasons why you need to consider using Amazon app store download apps for your android devices.

Why is the Amazon App Store one of the best ones?

#1 Budget-friendly devices

Amazon recently launched its new tablets. The tablets come with a range of prices from USD 159 to USD 249. Thus, if you are a Kindle user, buying this device won’t wreck your budget while you can enjoy every convenience offered by Amazon. While installing the app store to your android device might require an effort, buying an Amazon tablet could be the answer you need.

#2 Growing app store with selling opportunities

Amazon app store shows promising growth within 18 months. The app store is not only designed for Kindle Fire apps but also is a place to find apps you need. Even if you are an app developer and need a place to distribute your content, the Amazon app store could be an excellent place to sell your stuff. Amazon app store can run in a device with Android OS 1.6 and higher which means most android devices are compatible with this app store.

#3 Excellent checkout experience

Compared to the process on the Google Play Store, Amazon offers an easier checkout process. When you use a paid app, Google Play Store seems to make the payment and checkout process a bit complicated. Meanwhile, Amazon allows you to use the same ID and go through a one-click purchasing process, which is so much easier and more convenient.

#4 Review process

Before an app is being displayed on the Amazon app store, the app will be reviewed thoroughly. Of course, the Google Play Store offers a more convenient process to put the app along with the updates instantly but there is no guarantee if the app is spam or not.

Meanwhile, the review process on the Amazon app store allows users to know what they are downloading. It’s safe to say that installing the Amazon app store APK lets you get trusted apps only. Even though the collections of the Amazon app store are not as many as what you see on the Google Play Store, you know that you only deal with trusted yet guaranteed apps.

#5 Test drive

The Amazon app store gives a feature named test drive. This test drive allows users to find out whether or not the app is what they’re looking for. Other than that, the review and feedback from users will allow you to make your apps or games better. Since users can also leave comments on others’ feedback, this could help you as a developer to provide better products.

#6 Higher revenue

When you sell your apps and games on the Amazon app store, other than the apps will be internationally distributed, the platform gives you higher revenue per active user. Compared to the Google Play Store, the number you will receive is much higher though, almost as high as on iOS.

How to submit your content to the Amazon App Store

When you plan to submit your apps and games to the Amazon app store, you need to download and install the Amazon Mobile App SDK. After that, you need to create a developer account that requires you to pay USD 99 annually. You can submit your apps or games after payment and the system will review your content. Once your apps start selling, 70 percent of revenues will be yours.

You can also distribute your apps for the Kindle Fire HD and Kindle Fire. However, all non-Amazon market links need to be erased from your gadget in the first place. You can only use Amazon’s in-app purchase API. Still, you can download the Amazon app store APK and install it on your android phone in case you just want to be a user.

How to market your content

Feel free to use promotional pictures, videos, and many more to market your apps. Of course, there is a series of tips you can follow to present your apps effectively and more interestingly (that will be explained later). Generally, the Amazon app store is not as big as its rivals. However, the low prices offered for its tablets along with excellent experiences should be something you consider. Feel free to find other sources to enhance your android gadgets, though.

Amazon APK App Store

How to present your app more effectively on the Amazon App Store

If you download and install the Amazon app store APK for your Android phone then you can be an Amazon app store user. Meanwhile, if you plan to be an app developer and sell your products on the Amazon app store, a series of tips has been made to present your content more interestingly yet effectively. The tips below have followed the algorithm of Amazon though. Thus, this will be useful for beginners.

The title

When choosing a title for your app, make sure it attracts consumers and is easy to search. It cannot be longer than 100 characters and make sure you capitalize every first word other than prepositions and conjunctions. Also, do not ever put “greatest”, “awesome”, and other similar words in the title. It doesn’t work for Amazon’s algorithm.

The description

Generally, a description is made for generating excitement about your product. Also, it is aimed to increase the downloads. Thus, make sure you make a clear description so the audience gets what you are selling; simpler is better.

It is advised to never refer to your app only as “an app” or “this app”; it is better to use the full name of your app instead. Explain why your app is interesting but don’t make hyperbolic claims. Check your grammar and punctuation and then you already have a perfect description for your app.

Nice visuals

Many people prefer to check the visuals than read the words. Make sure you include great and nice visuals on your promotion. Other than that, more visual marketing assets allow your audience to grab the information more quickly.

Of course, you can add screenshots and promotional images. You can put up to 10 screenshot images which will allow you to show off the interesting aspects of your product. You better not skip this promotional aspect.

Also, you can submit a promotional image so the marketing team of Amazon will put your app on the featured page. As has been explained earlier, use this as your chance to show-off your app. Too much text won’t make your promotional images stand out though. And of course, you can submit videos to explain how your app works.

How to submit your app for a featured marketing

You have the opportunity to put your apps on the featured page. However, you need to submit your content to Amazon’s marketing section and the team will consider whether or not your app can be put on the featured marketing placement.

In case you plan to do this, you can dill and complete a marketing request form which can be found on the Amazon Mobile App Distribution Portal. Your apps, later, might be featured in several ways such as seasonally relevant placements, “Featured New Releases”, “Highly Rated Apps and Games”, and many more.

Amazon App Store APK Old Version

Talking about the old and new versions of apps, the Amazon app store needs to be updated though. Even though you use Amazon app store APK it is still crucial to make sure that you use the newest version. Updating your apps allow you to get the latest features and other enhancements. However, some android users complain about too many updates for an app. So, how often should you update your app? Are app updates important to consider? Here are things you need to know about app updates.

Things to know about app updates

According to data, most successful apps issue 1-4 updates within a month. The frequency often depends on feedback from users, data, and the size of the team. Updates for features are scoped within two weeks; nothing more than two weeks. Most updates are related to bug fixing instead of features.

The importance of app updates

App updates, mostly, are one of the best marketing tools used by developers – most of them are at their disposal though. Releasing the updates regularly will allow the app to be on top of your mind since it will appear on the updates list. It is safe to say that updates are used for gaining a loyal image of an app. At some points, more frequent updates show that the developer is committed to the app. Other than that, the release note that comes with the update announcement allows the developer to speak with the userbase. Even though not all users will read the note, it matters for several users.

More importantly

As has been explained earlier, app updates generally come 1-4 times within a month. However, not all apps will do the same since it depends on several factors; the number of teams does affect a lot. While the updates mean a lot for the developers to maintain the flow, balance the features, and stabilizing their apps, too many updates might make several users feel annoyed.

More importantly, make sure you download the latest version of the Amazon app store APK before installing it on your Android phone. Since you cannot find this app on the Google Play Store, you need to check the website of the Amazon app store when the updates are released.

As we all know, the Amazon app store is not a default app store for most Android devices. It requires your effort and a little bit of hustle to keep up with the updates unless you use one of the Amazon’s devices.

Amazon App Store Mod APK

What about using the Amazon App Store mod APK? What is a mod APK though?

As you know, installing the Amazon app store requires your time and patience. Of course, the result will make you happy using the app. Some people prefer to use the mod APK of this app store. Besides easy to get, many of them came with updated things. Before getting into the mod and the APK things, you need to find out the meaning of that thing.

Generally, a mod APK stands for a modified version of an android package. This file format is not originally signed by the developers of apps. Using the APK files means that you don’t support the developers of the app. The good things about using a mod APK is that it comes with a bunch of extra features, premium features, unlocked features, and a lot of modifications as well as add-ons.

However, you need to be aware of the fact that some sources are not safe. It may contain viruses or have been infected by malware which would put you in trouble. Feel free to use the Amazon app store mod APK but make sure you use the safe one.

Things to consider before installing a mod APK file

It can be safe to install a mod APK file on your Android phone. But there is a chance that your gadget will be attacked by malware though. Before installing a mod APK file, you need to check these things in the first place.

The smart manager of your PC will recognize if the mod APK you will install contains viruses. You won’t get attacked by the virus if you install the file on your phone. When you will install the APK file on your PC, make sure you use more than one anti-virus in case the smart manager missed something.

More importantly, download every file from trusted sources. According to reviews, there are a few trusted places to download mod APK files such as Uptodown, Apk mirror, Rexdl, androidpalace, I hackedit, and Revdl. It is important to be wise if you prefer the APK files instead of downloading from the original websites.

Since you are going to use the Amazon app store, it seems like you will be fine as long as you download it from the trusted source. Also, do consider to subscribe to Amazon Prime. A bunch of interesting yet cool stuff has awaited.

Amazon App APK Store

In this section, we will review a few of major app stores people commonly use. The app stores are both used in iOS and Android OS. Whether you are a user or an app developer, marketing, and publishing your content on the right platform will help you to grow. More than anything, the Amazon app store APK will allow you to enjoy interesting content provided by Amazon’s team.

Samsung Application Store

If you are an android phone worshipper then Samsung is one of your most favorite gadgets then. Samsung is considered as the strongest yet most popular devices that embrace Android OS. Thus, you might be familiar with the Samsung Application Store.

You might love this app store for its neat catalog design. It looks like the store is maintained very well. You only need to pay for USD 10 for each listing. Before you see an app on the store, the team has been tested – you only see qualified apps.

However, you only find about 600 apps available in the store. Other than that, only selected countries can access and download the Samsung Application Store.

Microsoft Windows Marketplace for Mobile

This app store impressed the users by providing well-tested apps on the display. Only in one month, about 400 apps are featured while all of them have been tested in the first place.

However, a developer needs to pay USD 99 for a registration fee. Not everyone could be a developer in this app store – only from selected countries can be developers. Once a developer can make an app, he or she can only sell it in one country. Extra USD 10 charge is applied to market the app in another country. Users are given five free apps to try. After that, they need to pay USD 99 per try.

BlackBerry App World

This app store is another popular app store used by many users. It provides a neat general presentation. You can find apps and items easily since all items are sorted according to the category. You can pay the bill through Paypal billing. If you are a developer, you can get paid up to 80 percent of the sales.

However, apps and content sold through this platform are more expensive compared to other app stores. Some serious issues were reported by several users. Not all countries can access this app store after all. And if you are a developer, you need to pay USD 200 upfront for a registration fee.

Android Market

This one is developed by Google. It features more than 2 million apps in its database. If you are a developer, you need to pay for a registration fee; only USD 25, the lowest compared to its rivals. The apps cost affordably while all items are categorized neatly.

However, not all apps are tested and reviewed by the team. So, you might find some trashy and junky apps on the database. There are only 29 countries allowed by Google to sell apps in the Android Market. Developers from outside the 29 countries are only allowed to publish free apps. Not all countries can access the app store though. It is no wonder if many developers consider that this app store is dramatically fragmented.

App Store Amazon APK


You’ve read everything you need to know about the Amazon App Store. The Amazon App Store is another source you can check out if you use Android gadgets. Even though the collections are not as many as the Google Play Store and other app markets for Android phones, this one is worth your consideration whether you are a user or developer.

All apps published and marketed in this platform are well-tested, well-managed, and highly curated. Not all apps can get through the review process of the team. Thus, you won’t find any trashy stuff on the display.

Even though the download and installation process won’t be as easy as using the Google Play Store and other app stores for Android devices, the Amazon App Store offers cool things. You can get discounted prices for a lot of things that you may not find in other app stores. For developers, you will get higher revenues compared to if you sell your content in the Google Play Store.

In case you don’t want to get through the hustle of installing this app store on your phone, you can use the Amazon app store APK or the mod version as well. However, please make sure that you get the APK file from a trusted source though.

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